5 Tips and Tricks to becoming your own successful Mixologist….and saving yourself a bit of money and stress along the way!

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Hey roller fans!  Have you ever had that minute of panic when you could find your Peace & Calming?  Which prompted every inch of your being to really REALLY need your Peace & Calming?! Yeah, me too.  So not fun.  But you know what is fun? Being your own Mixologist.  You, dear oil user, have the opportunity to whip up your own blends as needed when you have handy roller bottles at the ready.  No more threatening to ground your kids for a year if they loose your bottle of Stress Away on the bus to school.  Gone are the days of having to take your Valor in and out of the car, to and fro from work.  That neighbor that has been asking you about how to get their determined night owl child to sleep? Pass on a roller and share the oily love! 

Here are some tips and tricks to mixing your own wellness on the go for you, your fam or your friend in need:


  1. Pick a carrier oil that is thin and has as little odor as possible. We love fractioned coconut oil.  It mixes well with essential oils and helps them spread further and last longer.
  2. There is no end-all be-all perfect numbered drop count recipe for each oil being used when you are making your own blend. Stick with 10-30 drops, depending on the user.  Elderly, pregnant women and children should use the lower amount and the average healthy adult can go for the higher end. Always check with a health professional if you have any health concerns.
  3. Grab the essential oil bottles you want to use, take off the caps hold them next to each other. Now take a nice big inhale! Do you love what you smell? Maybe you are looking for something a bit more citrusy? Swap something out for Lime. Or something a bit more grounding? Add in Vetiver.  Let your nose be your guide. 
  4. With 3 kids and lots of work travel, we have a ton of rollers floating around our house. Making sure they are labeled means that I won’t be using my sons Cedarwood, Lemon and Rosemary for concentration at school when I am meant to be using my Lavender, Valerian and Orange to help me meet the sandman.
  5. Just like with your essential oil bottles, keep your rollers in a cool, dry place. Make sure that you roller ball top is securely on your bottle and that the top is screwed on tightly. Oil at the bottom of your handbag sure will smell nice but might not last as long as your roller would have!



You now have all the right steps to get your mind, body and business in the healthiest place possible!  So grab your roller (or pick some up on our website, labels and all), pick your oils and start creating the perfect wellness mix!

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