3 Super Simple Ways To Use Your Essential Oil Guidebook To Move And Shake Your Business

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Growing an essential oil business has the capability to bring 75 different challenges to our table all in the matter of a 24 hour period.  Between answering customers questions, learning about different oils, keeping the home front chugging along at a sane pace and doing our best to keep our team excited and ready to make their own impact…..there is A LOT to think about!


That spot you are in right now? We have been there and still find our two feet standing and watching all the same challenges you have that are a stormin’ right in. 


Which is precisely why we created this book.  We needed something to make our business easier, stronger and smarter. And with a heap of ways to use this educational tool, you are going to find its going to tick a ton of your business needs boxes!


  1. The Guidebook is the perfect welcome gift for your brand spankin new member
    • There is only so much important essential oil information we can fit into one get together with our new members. And even then, once they get home, open their box of goodness and try and remember it all, even more questions will pop up.  Our Guidebook will give them that “I can totally do this oil thing!” feeling every time they open a bottle and need to find a solution.  We want to empower our customers to have the correct knowledge and confidence in making the right choices for feeling and living better.


  1. Bring the Guidebook along to your workshop or class as a teaching tool
    • We all learn and retain knowledge differently. Which is why the Guidebook is super handy to bring to your next class and let your guests listen, read and have a clear visual of all the information you are sharing.  If you are just starting out and a newbie at running workshops, the book will be like a little mini teacher sitting right beside you, prompting you through each of the oils in the kit.  And don’t be surprised if ask to keep the book when you finish! It’s a great incentive to offer them if they decide to become a member.


  1. Support your business builders with the perfect tool to help them get growing
    • How unbelievably exciting is it when we get to be a part of helping another person reach their goals and dreams? Huge right?! You can help get them off and running from the very beginning by gifting them a set of Guidebooks to help them run their own show successfully and professionally. Having the right information to educate their audience will not only give them the confidence they need to share with others but will also help them duplicate the holistic opportunity of Young Living with ease.


Extra little bonus? This book is so soft, bright and pretty that you can place it on your desk or coffee table to catch the eye any passer-by-ers.  Share the essential oil without even saying a word!

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