The Gumtree Girls

“It takes a long time to grow an old friend” - John Leonard

Jennifer and Janell first met where all good stories of perfectly behaved friendships start... church youth group. 23 years since meeting, we've landed on complete opposites sides of the world. But as old friends do, they picked up where they left off, even with 6 extra kids and two uncannily similar husbands thrown in the mix.

Janell is a Young Living Diamond who reached out to Jennifer 5 years ago when she was in desperate need of a hug, a glass of wine and several different oils. Cedarwood, Valor and Lavender showed up magically at her door not long after. Janell's kind gesture changed Jennifer’s world in so many wonderful "yep-I-can-handle-this-now" ways that she began a career as a licensed Aromatherapist.

Jennifer is living in the beautiful cool climate wine country of Murrumbateman, NSW with her 3 kids and husband Matt. By day, she's working with clients teaching them to live better and about the benefits about essential oils, and by night she's keeping the local vineyards in business. Cheers!

While Janell dreams of the Gold Coast and its healthy shark population (that she'll NEVER get in the water with), spends her days counting cows and storm clouds in Oklahoma, USA with her 3 kids and husband Derek.

Jennifer and Janell worked together to create something beautifully useful, filling an educational need here in Australia. They knew this was their chance to help other distributors just like themselves. And that means you!